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Ecstacy of The Angels (1972, Kôji Wakamatsu)

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Hey ! We made this video for the Nikon film festival 2014. It took us a lot of work and ideas, i’m acting in it and helped with the shots as well. All the people acting, filming, helping with the assembling of it, are my mates. 

We have two weeks to get up there and impress ourselves. We’d like to be in the top 20 to be honest. So i’m counting on you guys to help us and go vote as much as you can/want ! You can give us an extra vote everyday. Thanks !

what do you do when a friend wants to kill herself again ? i never read all those things


Pedestrians avoid a pool of blood descending into the Munich Metro
Photo credit:  © Stuart Palley


By Ren Hang


Florencia Mazza


Apparently my blog’s one year old today

cool stuff bro

Does anybody live in France ? ‘cause we’ve got a gig going there on monday




DDV - Performan

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